Tiana (wickedwitchelfie) is a student in They're all Real roleplay series. She is a shapeshifter with Kiara representing her animal form.


Tiana is adventurous and curious about everything. She is wild, mischievous, and enjoys having fun. However, Tiana is very lonely and doesn't always fit in. She doesn't really know how, after living the majority of her childhood life as just a lion. She likes being human, but sometimes doesn't act like she should and reverts back to her animal counterpart, knowing how to act and have fun that way. She is a lot bolder in her animal form than she is in her human one.


On one foggy morning, a baby lion cub was born in the African Safari; her name was Tiana. She was born to the king and queen of the pride lands. She was adventurous and wild. Her life was perfect. She was the daughter of a king, had everything she good ever ask for. As years passed, Tiana grew curious about the lands that she would one day rule. She went exploring, much to the distaste of her overprotective father. He disliked her going out on her own fearing for her life. He was right. One day, Tiana went on a hunt, only to return to her home as a fire broke out. She lost everything, her father, her mother, her friends, and her home. She was alone and lost searching for a place to escape the blazing fire. She would have lost her own life, but the gods sought her out, giving her a gift.

When Tiana woke up, she was in a bed in the local village of humans. She was confused, and didn’t understand what had happened, or who or what she was. All she remembered was seeing a light in the sky, before passing out for her own death, and then waking up in the village. A villager, whose house she was staying at, explained that she had been found near the lands of the lions and wildlife, unconscious and lost. When asked her name, she whispered that it was Tiana. The villager welcomed her, before offering her a place to live. She agreed. As the days grew on, Tiana started getting visions of her previous life as a lion. She didn’t know what was happening; she thought they were just dreams that were made up in her head.

Then one day, Tiana ventured to the rock from her dreams, realizing that it wasn’t just a dream. She changed into her animal counterpart. She remembered the day with the light, remembering what he had said to her. She was giving another chance to live by being human, with the gift to transform. However, when she returned to her new home, the villagers saw her as different, and banished her from their home. She was now alone, until she found out about a school for people that were different like her.