Susie is a disguise name for Thumbelina
Thumb book
because she hides a secret that might put her in danger.


She'a an angel that has wings that make her fly and she transforms into a white cat to comfort the children she's guarding.


Thumblina was a small angel that landed on earth to protect the children. All she wants is peace on earth. But somethings goes wrong. Hera, the controler of demons tries to kill her. Thumbelina runs away and decides to change her name to Susie. As a cat she crawls in the forest and hides till morning. Susie cries because there was no one that can help her in the woods. Until the morning, she walks up in front of a school for ghost, monster, vampire and more. She's scared about this school. Alot of monster keep walking up to her and she thinks they'll attack her.


Milo: Susie meets Milo in the hallways. She knows about him turning into a cat so she talks to him. He thinks she's making fun of him but she saids she's a cat too. Milo gets giggling and crazy. Susie leaves him to go to class and Milo thinks he scared her off.

Hercules: One day in class, Susie finds a angel student name Hercules. She thinks he's cute. He had some problems one other day. She helps him relize how special he was. As he walks off, Susie looks at him thinking she's in love but poor Hercules doesn't know what love is so it might be hard for her to tell him she loves him.

Woody: As Susie enters her next class, she sees Woody searching for his hat. She finds his hat for him. They both introduced each other and decided to go to their next class together.