Thorn is a demigod son of Hades and Marissa, a witch of darkness.
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Thorn without his sunglasses.


He is a man of few words that tends to stick to himself and stay hidden in the shadows. This behavior has actually caused some to wonder if he is really a tangible ghost rather than a living being. He is one who would be the last to panic in any situation. He is also extremely slow to anger, frustratingly so according to those who believe he puts up with others shit too much and just needs to stand up for himself.


With Sunglasses: Normally he travels through shadows. He also can see ghosts even when they are invisable. He can sense the powers within people. He really aviods conflict unless there is no other way. People know better than to get into a fight with him.

Without Sunglasses: He wears a pair of black sunglasses almost always to contain his power. When he takes of his sunglasses, he goes beserk. He can summon monsters from the Underworld(like Cerberus) and a Stygian Iron Sword. The lighter it is where he is when he takes off his glasses, the more powerful he is. It's because his darkness wants to revolt against the light.


He is the son of Hades, lord of the dead, and Marissa, a witch of darkness. The only reason they decided to concieve a child is because Hades had heard a prophocy about one of the Big Three(him, Posiedon and Zeus) kids would have tremendous power. He needed someone, a demi-god paticuarly, on his side. Marissa needed a warrior to work for her. So she decided what better than someone with power like hers. They got there wish, sorta. From a young age he decided he wasn't going to work for them but pretended he was to learn all their secrets. When he learned all he could from them he left and joined Spirit High.


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