SnakeEyes is a Firey from an alternate universe where Jareth (in this case, Edgy Jareth) is the Fire Gang Leader instead of the Goblin King. He is in a relationship with Coiny.

Personality Edit

SnakeEyes likes partying, dank memes, fire, and removing body parts from other people.

He, like Jareth and Edgy Jareth, is addicted to Fun Dip. He'll bring it to parties and He makes everything better when he's on Fun Dip, that is, until he reaches the Vomiting and Depression Stages of the high. He nearly died of an overactive Fun Dip high before Coiny found him and helped him with his problem.

SnakeEye's ??? Form Edit

I have know idea what to put here lol

Trivia Edit

  • Mixingitall is SnakeEyes' mother, as she constantly says "SnakeEyes is my son".
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