Roxanne is an ex-angel in the They're All Real Non/Disney roleplay. Played by xYuriBunny.





Shanti, Taran, Omar, Terk




Tough, temperamental, mischievous


Roxie, Rox

Past: Roxanne used to an angel in an elite squad of angels, but was soon kicked out for seriously injuring a group of demons when it was forbidden to physically harm anyone. She was sent to the school to learn to be a more peaceful, refined angel. Roxanne has no memory of her past before she became an angel. She doesn't particularly care about this.

Abilities: Roxanne's wings were taken away when she was kicked out, so she can't fly. She's immortal and uses hand-to-hand combat. Any other abilities are unknown.

Personality: Roxanne is very violent and short-tempered. Even bumping into someone in the hallway can set her off. She comes off as very scary and unnaproachable, but is actually very sweet when she gets to know someone.


Shanti- Roxanne's best friend. The two are nearly inseparable, and do almost everything with each other. If you see Roxanne, count on seeing Shanti with her.

Omar- Omar is basically Roxanne's big brother, although not by blood. The two tease each other all the time, but are actually quite close. "Roxie", as he calls her, secretly wants nothing more than to please him. However, she does this by bluntly giving him advice to dump his girlfriend, stop being a manwhore, stop slacking off, etc. She really does care about him, though, and would be devastated if anything bad happened to him.

Ayumu- Roxanne simply does not like him, mostly because he thinks he's better than her.

Taran- Roxanne is good friends with Taran, even though she teases him a lot. Whether she wants to be more than a friend to him is unknown.&nbsp