Robin is a fox student at spirit high. His sister also goes to the same school.


For now, he doesn't have powers. But he's very fast and flexable.


Robin has a great family. He's father is a gym teacher. He's mother is a muggles (human studies) teacher. His sister is a cheerleader and a straight A student.


It wasn't easy for the Dust family. His father and sisters were slaves to the humans. He and his mother were hunted down and captured. One day, they were all free and Genie and Tuptim decided to go to a school so they could hide from the humans. While Foxie and Robin decided to build a home in the forest. After Robin gets into alot of trouble with the sheriff, his mother makes the desision to sent her son to Spirit High with his father and sister. Robin wasn't too mad about this. The truth was he missed them both and he really needed some friends.


When Robin and Tuptim were very young, Ayumu would always come to live with them during the summer. Normallly they would play pranks and swim at the old lake by the lake. Since the slavery of Genie and Tuptim, Ayumu had to return home. Once Tuptim gets to school, she's so happy to see Ayumu after what happened and after Robin arrives at the school, all three of them decided to hang around at the school.