playes by: ToKissMyTears aka Kate

Name: Ria

Age: 21


Muted expressions but once pushed she is not afraid to tell you how she feels. And since she has had little interaction with other humans she herself is very blunt and to the point. She doesnt understand the point of lieing about things. Generally she is a good person, she just isnt well versed in human interaction or the outside world.


Ria is apt at summoning nature spirits either for defense, offense or fun. She is usually seen with one of her summons around her. But she can also commune with nature and knows when the weather is about to change.


Ria was raised as a young girl by Moro the Spirit Wolf. Who found the young girl lost in the world of man and took her back to her home one cold winter. And so Ria was raised in one of the last spiritual havens on earth hidden away from the rest of the world.

Her spirit walker nature flurished in the mystic land and her powers grew, she was communing with the nature spirits and the earth itself in no time. but there was a price to be paid as she forgot who she was. She forgot what it meant to be a mortal, losing her pieces of her humanity. And soon found herself plagued by dreams.... old memories. So she decided to leave her home and find out the answers.

She was employed as a Teachers Assistant and while working at Spirit High she takes some classes at Lumeria part time.