Pips was always picked on as a child, being a gangly nerd. But after he hit puberty he became very handsome


Pips in his normal form,angry as usual

and so did his female side, Jessica. Because of his looks, Pips became popular with both the girls and the boys. His popularity definitely went to his head and he became sort of a bully, both of his identities having slight anger problems. But when taken over by a strong emotion, most of the time that being anger, he can spontaneously transform. Because he isn't in total control of his switching he was sent off to this boarding school by his mother, which he isn't too happy about.


Pips female form(Jessica)

Now at his new school He's quickly made some new friend and enemies, Cale being his new fling, Ayumu his new roomate that he can't stand, and his new red headed friend, Ariel.


Sinbad- The two were childhood friends, when Pips father threw him out of the house one night, Sinbad invited him to stay with him until his dad cooled down.

Cale- A former fling, the two may or may not be on good terms at the moment.

Ayumu- His roommate who enjoys teasing him.

Ariel- A friend or acquaitence of his.

Angel - A friend of his.

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