Peter is not what he seems

The Imp with an Angel's FaceEdit

Peter, though innocent-looking, is actually a mischievous imp. He has the power of flight, and can exactly imitate any voice he hears. He also has many other, less important, powers that pretain to his impish nature.

School lifeEdit

When it suits him, Peter can act civil and decent. However, he can't stray far from his malicious nature for long. He can be the teacher's pet, or the teacher's worst nightmare. He is an extraordinary student, whose tests scores are nothing short of brilliant, though he is also lazy and unmotivated. He lives for fun, and cares little for anything else.


To date, Peter has joined no clubs.


By nature, Peter is cunning and manipulative. He enjoys petty theft, and imitating other's voice, often saying unflattering or indecent things. Though his actions are generally frowned on, they aren't very serious. Get Peter angered, however, and you'll meet a very dark and volatile creature. He can be very dangerous, if provoked.


Peter is often seen tagging along with Phoebus and Moses. He enjoys the two and finds them amusing companions. He's eager to gain their friendship, but his intentions are never truly clear.

Romantic InterestsEdit

For now, Peter has no romantic interests.

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