Mok is an NPC vampire, known to have created Omar, Tarzan and Moses. He has also been romantically involved with Angel. He originated as a scientist creating monsters for his own experimentation. Angel acted as his partner in crime, often helping him choose on different experiments to do. His downfall occured when one experiment, Omar, turned on him and killed him. By the time his vampire genes resurrected him, Omar had escaped and Angel had fled in tears.


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Tar angel4

Angel with the living memory of Mok

Many years ago, Mok saw a girl "fall from the sky" with no memory and an extraordinary power to persuade people to do her bidding. He called her his "Angel" and took her in. They soon fell in love and Angel exhibited a natural talent at assisting him in his experiments. When she believed him to be dead, she became traumatised and obsessive, stalking Omar in order to kill him. Her grief manifested itself into a living memory of Mok that many brand as schizophrenia.


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Whilst Angel and Mok were still living together, they created the "perfect human" from different parts of corpses. Angel treated him as a pet rather than a person, whilst Mok just wanted to experiment on him straight away. Tarzan escaped in fear and ended up at the school, only to find Angel there waiting for him.


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Angel was pining for a friend, so she persuaded Mok to make one for her. Unable to refuse, he combined human and animal DNA to make Omar. When Omar was created, he instantly hated Mok and took the first opportunity to kill him before fleeing to the school.


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After resurrecting himself, Mok found himself alone and isolated himself in his laboratory with only undead creatures for company. He longed for someone to share his life so created a son using the egg cells of a zombie female. Moses is half-vampire, half-zombie and has an incredible bloodlust that forces him to feed at least once a week. Mok originally sent Moses to normal schools, but the mysterious deaths that followed forced Mok to send him to a special school instead.

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