Mion Sonozaki

Mion is the new female student who goes to Spirit High
in the roleplay series They`re All Real.
She is usually pleasant and very sweet, but if you get
on her bad side she can be cruel and sour. Mion is a
succubus, she has to live on human or animal flesh in 
order to live. She is like a vampire in a way, but she
can be quite the psychopath. When she has the flesh, 
her youth restores and she becomes extremely strong.
She also said that she likes drinking male blood, it`s
more tastey and it would be weird if she drunk female
blood as she is not attracted to any female apart from
herself. Did i mention she is veeeery VAIN!

Mion`s favourite classes are gym, dance, music and 

She is a school bully too.


innocent side;)

The other side of Mion.

Surprisingly, Mion can be extremely cute! But she has interests in the strangest things! Such as: old spooky buildings and items, bows, blood, singing and door knobs! {unfinished}

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Mion has a passion for singing (even at times it does hypnotize boys) You would always find her humming while she wonders around the school (even though it can be creepy), she has made her own little songs as well! And she has a secret diary that keep poems that she made. {unfinished}