Melody is a Sea Nymph and a mysterious new student. She is played by Lilicat93. thumb|300px|right


Melody comes from far in the future. Her mother, Ariel, was raped, and knew once she had Melody her powers would pass from her to the child. She became so angry at this that she unleashed brutal storms that caused the world to descend into chaos. Melody came back to try and prevent her mother from becoming a cold, cruel woman, even if it meant preventing her own existence.


Melody is only 12, and her powers are still developing, but she has limited control over all kinds of water. It often moves in her presence, a reaction to her moods. The water is the only thing that can make Melody happy.


"That's Classified."

Melody was raised in a trashed world by a cruel, unforgiving mother. She has learned to be harsh and calculating, and won't let anyone into what is going on in her life. This is doubled by the fact that she can't tell anyone she's from the future.

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