Lust (Lilith)

Lust is a female demon portrayed by Lust from 2003 Version Fullmetal Alchemist


Lust is a very sensual demon in her appearance and actions. She has long black hair with bright purple eyes and dark lips. She has very large breasts, thin waist and average hips. Her voices is very sultry and she is able to persuade many into doing her bidding.


Lust is a very beautiful demon but before she became one she was a normal human. She was very pure of heart but died of an illness. She was corrupted when she was sent to hell as a way for her to save her beloved from a terrible fate. She was then transformed into a dark being. She still possessed human emotions but in order to keep them, she had to hide them from other demons. She was given many tasks to undergo to become a Level 5 demon. She was given a contract after a young man was sacrificed to the underworld. The devil explained that the contract was to a young man named Edward Elric. The Elric family has been known in the underworld for well over 2000 years. Lust was given the task of serving the new head of the Elric Family.


Lust's personality changes alot. She is able to change her emotions to better suit the situation. When first summoned by Edward Elric, she came off as very informative and sultry. Lust has more of a motherly persona to her and treats Edward as her own. She protects him and when he has a problem, she gives suggestions rather than giving him the answer. She would rather see him succeed on his own. She is also very cold when it comes to anyone else but Edward. As a level 5 demon, she can command other demonic entities. She is very kind to vampires because the first vampire was said to make a pact with the devil himself. She appeases the devil and has made a number of other demons jealous because out of all the Level 5 Demons, he favors her the most because of her appearance.


Edward is afraid of Lust and to calm him down. She has applied for a job as the Girl's Residential Advisor to watch over Edward's possible love interests and to respect his wishes to try and keep his life as normal as he possibly can.