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Katara (A and LA)

Katara (played by ComplicatedGirl4eva and angelofmusic1992) is a half water nymph/animagus. She and her parents have been nomadic for as long as she can remember, but after an "especially bad" incident, her parents decided to send her to school to be safe.

The Past:Edit

Katara's ParentsEdit

Katara's mother (Kaya) is a river nymph, her father (Ashitaka) a wizard/animagus. They met and fell in love, but Kaya's father had forbidden her to marry someone as lowly as a human. Whe

Katara's father

n he found out, he banished Kaya from the river and cursed her to wander forever. This scarred Kaya badly since nymphs are very attached to their rivers. She always tried to find a river to replace the one she had lost, but she never could. Ashitaka still loved her though, and wa
Kaya 2

Katara's mother

ndered with her. Eventually, they had their daughter, Katara. While on the move, she was taught by her mother how to fight with her water powers. Her father taughter her how to become an animagus. But while his form was a tiger, she chose a hawk. The three kept up this wandering lifestyle for years, until they met Mok.


Katara and her parents were on the move as usual when they came across an island. They thought it was deserted at first, but then they discovered that there was a laboratory there. That's where they me

Mok, the only person Katara truly fears

t Mok. He invited them to stay, and he seemed friendly at first. He spoke of his creations, Tarzan and Moses, and of his "angel". But his true colors soon showed, and he tried to capture them. They tried to escape, but Mok soon caught them and stuck them in cages. For weeks, they were test subjects in his awful experiments: fighting zombies so he could study their powers, being locked in tanks of water to see how long they could hold their breath, shocking them with electricity to see how they would react, etc. It was a nightmare. But when Mok took Katara aside to perform surgery on her, that's when Kaya and Ashitaka lost it. In their desperation to protect their daughter, they broke free of their cages. They told Katara to run while they held off Mok and his zombies. Though it broke Katara's heart to leave her parents behind, she obeyed them. She waited for them on a beach, praying that they would make it out alive. And eventually, they did.

The Decision Edit

The whole experience made Katara's parents see that a nomad's life was too dangerous for Katara. They wanted her to be somewhere safe. That's when they heard about Spirit High, a school for mythological creatures. They sent Katara there to be safe. Though it saddened Katara to be apart from her parents, she knew it was for her own good. Plus, she was excited to possibly meet other people like her.


Katara fighting

Katara fighting with her waterbending powers


Katar has inherited powers from both of her parents. She can control water like her mother in solid, liquid, or gas forms. She

Katara's hawk form

can heal with her water powers. She is an animagus as well. She can transform into a hawk. But if any part of her skin gets wet, it will turn a deep blue. She has also gained another power after traveling to the future. She has the power to soothe the pain that bad thoughts and memories bring. She can't take the pain away entirely, that responsibility belongs to the person, but she can help them.


Bloodbending is the ability to take control of the water, or blood, in a person's body. You can have complete control of their body and can make them move anyway you want. Katara found a scroll on bloodbending in the library and instantly wanted to learn it. She was excited at the challenge and wanted to give the bullies a nasty surprise if she ever ran into htem. She also wanted to learn it to protect her friends from anyone dangerous. But when she talked to Tulio, he said that the move was too dangerous and took the scroll away. Eris found a frustrated Katara and recommended that she talk to Ursula. At first, Ursula was sceptical of Katara's abilities. But, she agreed to teach her, on the condition that Katara serve her. Katara agreed and soon learned the ability. She hasn't told anybody yet, not sure how they'll react and because she doesn't want Tulio to get wind of it.

Since Katara is an inexperienced waterbender, she doesn't have total control over bloodbending, and this has led to dangerous side-effects. Slowly, Katara has felt the urge to bloodbend inside her. It was small at first, but as time went on, it got worse and worse. It was like trying to resist scratching a mosquito bite, times a million. Katara's managed to resist during the day. But at night, when she's more vulnerable, she goes into a trance and starts sleepwalking, bloodbending on anything and anyone she runs across. When she's in this trance, she gives off a white glow. When she wakes up in the morning, she has no memory of those she's bloodbended on. So far, she has bloodbended on Calla, Esme, Zuko, other students, and town residents wandering around the woods. But when she used her bloodbending on Audrey, she snapped out of her trance, sees what she's doing, and took off running. She's realized that she's gone into this trance and bloodbended on innocent people.

Bloodbending has made Katara's life go downhill. She's become more moody, depressed, and not caring of those around her. She may fake it, but on the inside, she's terrified and afraid. Her bloodbending has also caused her to kill. While in town, she got into a fight with a couple of men. She snapped and went into her bloodbending state. She killed everyone: the men and anyone in the crowd who was watching. When she woke up, she saw what she had done. Now, she's disgusted with herself and thinks she's a horrible person.

Everybody found out about Katara's bloodbending and what she'd been doing when she lost control on Angel. The two had gotten into an arguement and Katara's powers came forth, making blood burst out of Angel's body. It wasn't enough to kill her, but it was bad enough to land her in the infirmary. Katara stayed in her room, totally hysterical. She ignored almost all her friends and fought with Denahi, Rosaay, and Brom. She only came out when Zuko confessed that he had lost control of his powers once, which resulted in the death of his mother.

After Katara's bloodbending crisis, she's still very reluctant to use it. She sees it as a last resort, something only to be used if there's no other way. For example, when Ruby attacked her, she evaporated all the water out of Katara's water canteen with her fire powers. With no water around her, Katara used the only thing she could: she bloodbended on Ruby.


Katara is a fighter, through and through. She's not afraid to whip out her powers if she has to. She detests bullies and will fight for anybody in trouble. She's a very loyal friend. If she sees someone sad, she'll ask them what's wrong, which some people can find annoying if they want to be left alone. She is a bit naive about how to interact with people her age, since she's spent most of her life with her parents. She was very close to them, so she may get homesick from time to time. Her motto is "fight fire with fire", so she'll fight just as nastily as the bullies do. However, she has a bad habit of judging from first impressions alone, so if she sees you acting like a jerk, she'll instantly think that you have no soul or feelings. She tends to see things as very black and white, and any shades of gray confuse her. She fears/hates anything associated with Mok, with the exception of Tarzan. Despite telling people to always do the right thing, she sometimes doesn't listen to her own advice, which does make her seem like a hypocrite. Zuko is her first serious boyfriend, so she's still a little new when it comes to love and how to express herself. This also means that she can be somewhat easily seduced, especially if she's had something alcoholic to drink.

During her bloodbending crisis, Katara changed. When she was struggling with her urges, and bloodbending on other students and killing people, she became moody and depressed. She also became more withdrawn, spending more time by herself. Nightmares often plagued her mind and she tried to stay awake as much as possible so she didn't bloodbend on anyone. After she lost control and bloodbended on Angel, she became even more depressed, and angry. She loses her temper more easily.

After her bloodbending crisis, Katara has learned to not live so much in the past and focus more on the future. She's gotten a lot of her old personality back and is steadily getting happier again.





Audrey, Katara's first friend

Audrey was the first student Katara met. She got lost on the way to school and broke down crying, feeling overwhelmed by everything. That's when Audrey found her, who had been exploring outside the school. Katara was a little put-off by the girl's tough attitude at first, but when they got talking, Katara saw that she was pretty nice. So when Audrey left to go back to the school, Katara followed her and the two girls soon became friends. Katara knows that Audrey's got her back in any situation. Besides Kiba, Audrey is the only one who knows the details of Katara's time with Mok.


Katara first met Jimena during the gender-bender crisis and accidentally took her for a cute boy. But despite this emabarassment, the two became friends. When Cindy and Flynn broke up, Jimena tried to talk to Flynn and he lashed out at her. Katara came to her defense, but Jimena told her to let it go. Katara obliged, though it's not in her nature to let people bash her friends.


Katara first met Esmeralda after she had been taken to the infirmary after Cinderella attacked her. Katara healed her and have managed to keep contact afterwards. They've become closer after Katara joined Glee and are now friends. Katara sees her like an older sister and has come to her for help with her romatic feelings towards Zuko. All Esmeralda can think about, however ,is Katara and Zuko's wedding and things like that. She had the same reaction when Katara told her that she and Zuko were going out. Katara just takes it all with a smile. She knows that Esmeralda means well and that she'll help out if she has any problems.


Katara first met Calla when the Order was attacking the school. Calla had been injured from a bu
Calla 2

Calla, one of Katara's best friends

llet wound, so Katara came in and healed her. The two started talking after that and they soon became friends. Now, they're almost like sisters and will always have each other's backs.


Vidia, another one of Katara's best friends


Katara thinks that the dark fairy is pretty cool. They have a lot of similarities: they can fly, they love music, and they both won't hesitate to kick somebody's butt in a heartbeat. Katara knows that if she gets into a fight, she can count on Vidia to fight beside her instead of trying to pull her away. Like Calla, Katara thinks of Vidia as a sister. They are also roomates. So far, Vidia is the only one that knows that Katara kissed Meg/Ruby back that one night.


How Daria and Katara met is quite interesting. Daria invited Katara to a bar, and Katara accepted because she was tired of feeling down and getting her help rejected by everyone. The two girls soon got drunk and ran rampant around the school. Surprisingly, the two became friends after that.


Katara first met Kiba when she asked him how to tango. She also came to him for advice after she kissed Shen, though she didn't tell him exactly what happened. Regardless, she felt better after talking with him and how considers him a friend. He is the only one besides Audrey who knows the details of what Mok did to her.


Katara met Tobias at prom. She was hyper from the spiked fruit punch at the time, but even then, they managed to have a nice conversation and thought of him as interesting, even though he told her that he was the one who spiked the punch. Later, when the punch wore off and she found that Audrey had kissed Gar because of it, she got ready to give Tobias a smack-down. But she decided to let him off since she thought of him as a nice guy, despite the pranks. Now, she considers him a friend, even though he may give her a headache from time to time.


Despite being Angel's boyfriend, Katara considers Tack a friend and is willing to help him with his relationship troubles. She's even offered to have a counseling session with him and Angel to try to help them out. She admires his loyalty to her, knowing that it's hard these days to find a guy so dedicated.


Katara met Zuko shortly before prom. He even asked her to be his date. During prom, she started to get fuzzy feelings for him. After she and Zuko drunk the spiked punch, they started making out

Zuko, Katara's first love, now her ex-boyfriend

and ended up passing out in the hall. Luckily, Katara managed to wake up and enjoy the rest of prom. For a time, she was wary of her feelings. She had never been involved in a relationship before. But she couldn't deny that Zuko always made her smile and seemed to understand her, even if she hadn't told him everything about her. During Spirit Week, on Wish Thursday, Katara wished that she knew what to do with her feelings about Zuko. A voice in her head told her to just tell him how she felt. She did just that, and Zuko confessed his feelings as well. The two kissed and are now going out. The two have grown very close, even spending some of ther summer vacation together. When Katara was having her hysterical moment after bloodbending on Angel, Zuko confessed that he had lost control of his powers once, like her, and that he had lost his mother because of it. This finally made Katara come out of her room. She wants to possibly find out more about this part of Zuko's past. Zuko found out that Ursula was using the controlling serum on Katara shortly after she did, so he went to Tulio for help. He wandered around, trying to find Katara, and finally found her after the big battle was over. But he's glad to see that the thing that's been troubling her for so long is gone. But their relationship came to an end when Katara ended up cheating on Zuko twice. She's sad to have lost him, but refuses to let it consume her life.


Katara met Nova when the girl first came to the school. Instead of being annoyed with her naivety, Katara instead was patient and answered any questions Nova had. When Katara found out that Moses created Nova, she freaked out for a moment, but then saw this as an opportunity to make Nova into a good person. So, she's resolved to teach Nova to be good and she hopes that it'll be enough to combat whatever Moses is telling her.



Marie, Katara's kitten

Marie is Katara's kitten that she got from Daria. She loves the little animal and has joked about her being her and Zuko's "love child."


Katara met the blind girl shortly after she arrived at the school. They started off talking about the usual stuff, classes and whatnot, but the conversation soon got deeper when Katara started worrying about Tulio and Toph said that some people's pasts just can't be explained. Katara took a liking to Toph, mainly because she seemed to understand her despite having only talked to her once. The two became friends after that.


Another new student that Katara met shortly after he arrived. She thinks James is a cool guy and encourages him to write more, even going so far as to suggest starting a school newspaper.


Katara met Cody at the pool. The two managed to click, despite Katara being majorly depressed at the time. She considers him a friend now and will help him in any way, even going so far as to take care of his girlfriend, Arista.


Katara met Woody through Daria. The two have only talked a few times, but Katara thinks he's a good guy and sees him and Daria as a cute couple, especially when baby Liam was added to the mix. Recently however, she's met Woody's split personality, Anthony, whom she detests.


Katara met the boggart when she was in the infirmary after losing her sight for a time. The two quickly bonded, Katara finding it easy to speak about her fears to Mocha. She nows sees the girl as a friend and is willing to help her anyway she can. After seeing Meg and Brom kiss, Mocha left in tears. Katara followed her and that was when Mocha confessed that she was in love with Meg. Katara tried to comfort Mocha as best she could, but felt awkward the whole time since heartbreak isn't something she's too familiar with. In her mind though, she would rather prefer Meg to get with Mocha instead of Brom. Katara is iffy about her now current fling with Sokka, but is doing her best to look out for both her and Meg.


Meg 2

Meg, who Katara used to see as a friend, but is now going out with

Katara fist met Meg shortly after the girl arrived at Spirit High. The two became fast friends. Katara was the firs tperson that Meg talked to about her "split personality". Katara comforted Meg as best she could and swore that she would help Meg get through this. She was the first one that found Meg while she was trying to kill herself, but only succeeded into getting into her room because of Brom and Mocha. The three worked together to save Meg. Katara healed her wounds, but left the room shortly after Mocha left. When Katara spoke next to Meg, the angel constantly switched back and forth between herself and her alternate persona, Ruby. Ruby clashes a lot with Katara, seeing as how she loves to cause trouble and hates Mocha. She and Katara got into a nasty fight, but eventually calmed down. Then, Ruby went so far as to kiss Katara. At first, Ruby switched back to Meg and pulled away before Katara could react. However, when she switched to Ruby again, she kissed Katara again, and Katara ended up kissing her back. During the kiss, Ruby switched back to Meg, but she still didn't pull away. It took for a moment for Katara to realize what she was doing. She pulled away, then ran off, horrified that she had let herself be so seduced so easily. So far, she's only told Vidia about all this. But luckily, she and Meg have put the whole incident behind them. But when Katara ended up kissing Meg on the angel's birthday, Zuko found out, and led to him breaking up with Katara. Katara was conflicted about her feelings for Meg at first, but Sokka could tell that she had a crush on her. So, Katara went to talk to Meg. Suprisingly, things went smoothly and are now going out. Katara is now intoxicated by the angel's very prescence. When they start kissing, Katara can barely focus on anything else. To her, Meg is like a drug, and Katara is always craving for more.


Katara happened to meet Lir in the library shortly after he arrived. He seemed not to know much about the world, seeing as how he'd only been a human for a short time, but Katara was willing to help him. The two became friends shortly after that. Their favorite thing to do together is fly around.


Katara's cousin. He managed to find her shortly after he arrived at school. She had never met him before, what with her parents being nomadic all the time, but she did recognize the name of her dad's sister, Eboshi, who is Sokka's mother. Surprisingly, despite the two having very different personalities, the two have gotten very close. They know they can be honest with each other and share whatever's on their minds. Sokka has mentioned Selene, his dead girlfriend, but got too upset to go into any details. This, and seeing his rocky relationship with his mother, makes Katara suspect that Sokka has more pain than he's showing.
Sokka- excited

Sokka made this face when he first met Katara



Katara and Moses have exchanged nasty words on tumblr, but that's about it. Katara is keeping an eye on Moses though. Mok told her all about him and she knows what he's capable of. If he ever kills anyone, he'll have to face her angry wrath. Also, she worrys that he's poisoning Nova's mind with his craziness.


Katara only feels sympathetic to Angel regarding the issue of Mok kidnapping her and abusing her, since she knows what its like to be his prisoner. Other than that, she hates her guts, especially when she cheats on Tack. Katara can't understand how Angel worships Mok despite the horrible things he's done, so the two clash on that issue a lot. Katara lost control of her powers around Angel and ended up bloodbending on her, which resulted in Angel having to go to the infirmary. Katara felt disgusted with herself, not that she had lost control on Angel, but that she had lost control at all. The idea of killing anyone sickens her. Despite the incident, she still has a negative view of Angel.


Akima, or as Katara calls her, "The Bitch."


Katara thinks Akima is the most stuck-up bitch in the whole world. The girls never miss an opportunity to bash each other. Katara doesn't know why Akima's here or who her "man" is, but she couldn't care that much. She just wants Akima gone. Or to at least kick her ass.


Katara knows that Shen is an experiment of Mok's, so she's been wary of her. But when she ran into a drunken Shen one night, the two actually talked nicely for a couple of minutes. Shen managed to convince Katara to drink and soon, they were both drunk and started making out for a while. Luckily, Katara managed to stop before they could go any farther. But months later, they both got shot by Nicholas and ended up having another make-out session. But this time, they went even further and had sex, making Shen the first person Katara has had sex with. Of course, in the morning, she was scared and confused, but less so than last time because while she was with Shen, she felt no pain and sorrow from her bloodbending issues, and she wants to get that feeling again.


Katara had heard about the shuck, but the two didn't meet face-to-face until Katara attacked Angel. Once Denahi heard about it, he headed straight for Katara. The two fought with each other, with Katara finally losing her temper and saying that Denahi had no feelings because he was a shuck. She hit him once with a waterwhip, but he ultimately won the battle when she looked him in the eyes and saw her nightmares play out. Before he left, he touched her, and cursed her with even more bad luck.


Ordinarily, Rosaay and Katara might have gotten along, if Katara hadn't told Denahi that he had no feelings. Once Rosaay heard of this, she came to set Katara straight. There was slapping, splashing, and lots of yelling.


Katara had heard about Brom, and how he messed with Calla, but they didn't meet until she after she had attacked Angel. Like Denahi, he came to her once he heard that she had attacked Angel. Luckily, Katara won the fight against Brom however, and froze him in a block of ice for the whole night. The only other time they've spoken was when Meg tried to kill herself, and that was when she heard him say that he loved Meg. Katara finds this surprising, since she thought of Brom as a dumb, selfish bully. She still doesn't approve of him and Meg getting together, but decides that she trusts him enough to look after her if she's not around.


Yeah, Wendy is not as innocent as she looks


Katara is throughly creeped out by Mok and Angel's "daughter". When she and her parents were prisoners, Katara had seen Wendy feed on a man. What scared her the most was that Wendy's power of control was so strong that the man practically offered himself to her. So she knows how deadly she can be. Now, Wendy likes teasing Katara, treating her like an amusing toy. She often follows Katara around, giggling, then hiding in the shadows, leaving Katara spooked.



Katara had fallen head over heels for her Elementals teac

Tulio giving the smile that Katara adores

her. She thinks he's cute, nice, and always wants to know what he's thinking. She's even gone so far as to visit him in the middle of the night when he's sick. Since she has started going out with Zuko however, her crush for Tulio has gone down and she sees him more as a role model, almost like how a fan would idolize a rock star. She guesses that he's had a rough past, but of course, she doesn't know the details. After her attack on Angel, Tulio promised Katara that he would help her anyway he could. When Zuko found out that Ursula was using the controlling serum on Katara, he went to Tulio for help. Tulio told him to find Katara while he went to talk to Ursula. However, he found Ursula and Katara together. Ursula told him about Katara selling herself to learn bloodbending and how she's been stealing numbing potions, but Tulio argued that Ursula's punishment of taking control of her wasn't justified. He saw it as cruel. Together, he and Katara fought Ursula. He's proud that of how well Katara fought, and even prouder that she resisted Ursula's bloodbending powers. He and Katara have gotten closer after their experience together.

Jack SkellingtonEdit

Jack found Katara shortly after she heard about Mok kidnapping Angel. Katara was freaking out that the one person she was truly afraid of had been in this school. Katara didn't exactly tell Jack what was going on inside her head, but she did appreciate him trying to comfort her. The two also fought together when the Order was attacking the school. Katara is impressed with his skills. She knows that she can always go to him if she needs help.


Katara thinks that the new teacher is nice and a cool guy. She also loves to hear him play the piano. She suspects that he's been turned into a vampire, but since he hasn't said for sure whether it's happened or not, she's decided to keep her opinons to herself. But she's pretty sure that he's a vampire. His eyes are the same as Mok's.


Katara actually first "met" Dean when she accidentally soaked him with a wave when she was showing off to Tulio. Of course, she had no idea that she had gotten anyone wet and he didn't know who caused it, so the incident isn't important. Since Katara wants to be a guidance counselor when she grows up, it would only make sense that she would meet with Dean eventually to talk to him. He's given her some pointers, though he's advised her to talk to Teegra since she's more of a professional. Katara feels a little put-off by his attitude, but still admires him since he has her dream job.


Katara's only met Eris once. The teacher told her to go to Ursula to learn bloodbending. Katara thinks she's a little creepy, but hey, at least she led her to Ursula.


Ursula, Katara's bloodbending teacher


Katara came to her to learn bloodbending. At first, Ursula just laughed, wondering why a child would want to learn something like bloodbending. But when Katara said she would do anything to learn it, Ursula worked this to her advantage. Ursula agreed to teach Katara bloodbending on the condition that she would serve her, doing whatever she wanted. After a moment of hesitation, Katara agreed and Ursula unlocked the power of bloodbending inside her. Ursula makes sure to keep Katara around for future use, even going so far as to send her away on an "errand" to keep her safe during PIE's second attack. Katara wanted to stay of course, but because of her contract, she couldn't disobey Ursula's orders. Shortly before the war started in Spirit High however, Katara finally went to Ursula and told her that she wouldn't be serving her anymore. Ursula was mad of course and told Katara that she could walk out the door, but that she still belonged to her. When Katara still felt pain from all the bad things she had done, she started stealing numbing potions to numb her pain. Ursula got mad, but found a way to take advantage of the situation. She started slipping a controlling serum into the numbing potions, so that at night, she could take control of Katara and have her attack students. While under the controll serum, Katara looks completely normal, except for a zombie-like stare. When Katara found out what Ursula was doing, she confronted her about it. Ursula told her that if she told anyone, she would tell everybody the bad things Katara had done. Luckily, Tulio came to the rescue and he and Katara fought Ursula off. Katara even resisted Ursula's bloodbending power, since she was more powerful. Realizing that she was outmatched, Ursula disappeared in a puff of black smoke. Nobody is sure if she's gone for good or if she'll be back.