John RolfeEdit

John Rolfe is a necromancer. Because he is an expert on supernatural creatures, the school s


ent him a letter requesting his knowledge. At the school, John Rolfe helps students discover their powers, increase their strength, and control their abilities. However, he sometimes suck some of the life-force/power from other students. After he is done, the student cannot remember what happened and they feel weak. This is how Rolfe survives and increase his powers. He can get life-forces from mortals and animals, but he won't gain any power and that does not set well on John Rolfe. He. Wants. Power.


John Rolfe's mother is the ancient Greek necromancer named Circe. His father, however, is unknown. The relationship of Circe and John is very distant. Like John Rolfe, Circe is hungry for power and there is this mother-son rivalry on who is more powerful. Sometimes, they even have duels where they each raise the dead and create an army. The strongest army wins.Circe and John haven't talked to each other for over 400 years. John, himself, is centuries years old. He spent a century of his life dedicating his life on becoming the expert on supernatural creature.


John Rolfe has a very mysterious and dark aura around him. He is also very power-hungry to an extent. He is clever and knows when too much and when he can get into trouble. One of the reasons why he came to the school to teach is to be around other supernatural creatures so her can suck some power off of them. John Rolfe is willing to help students improve on their powers and skills, but he won't let them grow too strong, fearing that they may get too powerful.


Flamette- Rolfe has taken quite a liking to the princess, but only because he is physically attracted to her.

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