Hercule (visionoftomorrow) is a young Angel, supposed to be a Guardian Angel. The problem is that he's very strong and clumsy, and he's really ignorant of the codes of humans lifes. So his Father (yeah, Vlad' is God.) talk him about this school and that happened... A young and innocent Angel arrives in a school full of humans/demons/ others supernaturals creatures accustomed with the irony, black humor, and other lies that humans use every day.



Hercule is an Angel. Translation: he's innoncent, he knows nothing about humans codes of life, and he's believes in everything we say. He don't know how to lie, and why human lies. He don't understand why humans 'make the conversation'. He...

Well, you know who Castiel is? Castiel = Hercule. You don't know who's Castiel, try to see Herc' like a kid.


Herc' is new in the school. He knows anyone. But he's really kind and hope to make lots of friends.


Hercule is an Angel (I know, you begin to know it :D), so he has wings but he can hide them from the eyes of the others (however, it's very effective to frighten human, but Herc ' is too much innocent to use them like this xD). He has the power to take the pain of the other. Explanation: if somebody suffer too much, he can feel the pain instead of the sufferer. Maybe not totally, but largely. This power is called 'Empathy'. He may also close his mind to telepathic. Close? Not really, but he can hide some memories to telepathic.


Visionoftomorrow is French, so if I do any mistakes, please, forgive me and correct me :D

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