Garrett loves trees.sized

Garrett is a Seer who sees more bad then good. In order to quiet the worst of the visions he goes to a school for freaks like him. Edit

When he arrives at Spirit High he becomes a teacher, and decides to tackle the English subject. However, it doesn't take long before he finds himself in the same boat as Eric - pining over a student. The student is Flamette and she is mooning over John Rolf. So basically Garrett dug himself a grave.

When Garrett cannot focus on teaching any longer he decides that it would be best if he left Spirit High. He wishes luck to every student their. Perhaps he'll see them again someday.


Garrett is a wood sprite with the ability to shift into any form, animal or human, man or woman. He is also close to nature. He was once given the responsibility to protect Jim's twin brother, one of the last remaining druids, but he failed in his duty and has suffered from guilt and shame ever since. He has come to Spirit High only because he heard that Jim was there and is hoping to make amends for not being able to save his brother. He teaches herbology.

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