Eric (played by EarthsAngel767/AngelsHaven767) is a vampire teacher who was turned over 50 years ago.

Past: He was a prince about to recieve the throne from his father and was on the verge of marrying his betrothed, when a mysterious dark haired woman appeared the night before the party. Eric went to investigate, but fell into a trance. The next thing he knew, he was seeing the dead body of his betrothed and was covered in her blood. The subjects of his kingdom flew into outrage and despair, wanting to destroy the monster that took the form of their prince and killed the beautiful princess. They trapped him inside of his castle and burned it to the ground. Unknown to them, he escaped the flames by sneaking through a secret passage that lead out into the village and disappeared into the night. Three years go by as he searched for the woman who turned him, but he could never find any trace of her... Then one night, a man appeared and offered Eric a job as a teacher in a school for the supernatural breed. He accepted, really just giving up on his quest to find the vampire, what good would it do him anyway?

Present: Now, fifty years later, a new semester has started and new faces have entered his classroom. Though, one face lingers longer in his mind... his student, Odette, and he has trouble figuring out why...

Eric is the type of teacher that actually wants all his students to pass and understand what he's teaching (he teaches about culture and what is going on in the world). He also tries to be their friend as well as a teacher; he doesn't believe there should be a gap between student and teacher (that might get him in trouble someday though) and he wants them to know they can come to him for pretty much anything.

At the current moment in time, Eric has seemed to have vanished.

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