Clopin Trouillefou - The Puppeteer


Theater Arts


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Clopin the Puppeteer

Clopin is a Teacher at Spirit High. He teaches theater arts. His power is Puppeteering.


Clopin was once the master of ceremonies and the King of Gypsies. But one day, Judge Not Claude Frollo, found the Court of Miracles and was going to kill the gypsies. But Not Hades appeared to Clopin and made him a deal. Not Hades gave Clopin his puppeteering powers. After Clopin defeated the Not Judge Claude Frollo, he rejoiced with his people. Until Not Hades took the price, all of the gypsies souls. Feeling quite lost and very emotional, he found the Spirit High and became an awesome theater arts teacher.



Jack Skellington - They become friends after Silver chases Jack into Clopin's classroom and Clopin calms them down.
Silver - They become friends after he chaseds Jack into Clopin's classroom and calms them down.
Bernard - A teacher Clopin enjoys pranking, it's SO easy to scare him.