Basil's mouse form

Meet Professor Basil, a new teacher at Spirit High who doubles as one of the school's counselor. He's quiet and polite, if a bit reserved,

Chernabog, Basil's demon form

and usually keeps to himself, but is very bright when it comes to magic, and can be friendly.

Did we also mention that he's a bloodthirsty monster?

That's right, Prof. Basil is only a disguise for a recently awakened and powerful demon, Chernabog. The best thing you can do when you meet Professor Basil is to stay away from him, because this mouse is not what he appears. Basil is only a disguise for the demon inside him, an ancient and hungry being known as Chernabog. Recently discovering the school, he sees the souls of every student and teacher inside it as his next meal. Despite his immense appetite and enormous power, simply overtaking the school is not his style, however. Instead he takes on the form of a quiet new professor. When he will take his first victim, only time will tell.

The only time Basil/Chernabog came close to taking a life was when he met a girl named Madeleine on his first day. He asked her to help him in his office, meaning to learn more about the school from her, but his hunger began to grow uncontrollably after she let slip that she was one of the gifted students. He terrified her by revealing his true form and trapping her. But before he could strike he was interrupted by The Professor. He changed back just in time and managed to make her believe that what she had seen was only a dream. After sending her away The Professor confronted Basil, reminding him of their "alliance" and not to cross him. Basil is not intimidated by him, but the reasons for their coalition is yet to be revealed.

Teacher/Student Bond

Basil's favorite student, and arguably the only student he cares about, is Vidia, the dark fairy. After a humiliating exorcism, he offered her help, which she refused. She accidentally exposed her talent of possession, which piqued his interest. The next day he summoned her to his office, interviewing her about her powers. The way she handled them made Basil's blood boil, releasing his hungry demon. As a reflex, Vidia possessed the demon before he could devour her soul. She struck a bargain with him; if she worked with him, delivering souls, he would leave her and her friends alone. The two agreed, forming an alliance only few know about.


thumb|300px|left|Meet Chernabog/Basil...

thumb|300px|right|Basil meets Madeleine and a close call ensues...

thumb|300px|left|Basil is interrupted by a familiar face

thumb|right|300px|A slightly crack-y video advertising Basil's counseling services

thumb|300px|left|A preview of things to come...

thumb|300px|right|Part 1 of basil's first encounter with Vidia

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