Barbie, real name Desdemona, (StragProductions) is a now deceased childhood friend of Angel's that arrived through a freak time vortex. When she found that Angel didn't remember her, even following an explanation of who Angel really was, she felt that she couldn't be part of Angel's life anymore and just wanted her friend to be happy. She gave her life to give Angel something that she saw truly made Angel happy - Tack.


Angel, then known as Dionyza, met Barbie at school on Sesharrim. Barbie had been born to a "screecher" family, one of the low members of society whose voices had not evolved and manifested into powers. Barbie was reveered as one of the lucky ones when her voice manifested when she was 8 and she was taken from her family and placed in a well-to-do family, expected to pretend they were her birth family and get on with her life. Barbie always resented the government for this and was a rebel, often seen as a bad influence upon Angel when she took her out to meet up with screechers to go drinking, etc. It is her fault that Angel met Vincentio and Barbie has always been insistent that people should do what makes them happy rather than what they're told to do - this is the aspect of her personality that influenced her voice's manifestation of making the listener happy. Although she doesn't believe that Angel killed all those policemen, she would never blame her if she did.

Spirit HighEdit

When she arrived at Spirit High, Barbie laid low until she could encounter Angel and hopefully reunite with the best friend she missed so much. However, it didn't take her long to figure out that the Dionyza she knew and loved was long gone. Regardless, she vowed to help Angel however she could and offered her one thing that she knew she wanted - immortality for Tack. Plucking the chip from her own neck, she manipulated it and inserted it into Tack's, releasing a toxin that puts the wearer into a regenerative sleep upon death. Without the chip to regulate the toxins in Barbie's own body, she gave all her worldly goods to Angel and left for a nap - knowing that the next time she slept, she would go into a deep sleep which she would never wake up from.

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