Anya in seal form

Seal form

Anya (MewMewMudkip) is a selkie with a human father who just happened to be a king. After discovering that her mother had been killed and skinned she came to the school in order to become better acquainted with supernatural beings so that she
could bridge the gap between humans and "monsters"





Family members-

Mother(Deceased?), Father(Nicholas), older adopted brother(?)


Milo, Kida, Madeline,Flynn,

Anya was raised in the north Atlantic by her mother with a small group of seals. When she was about the human equivalent of 7, her family was attack more so than usual by a large group of hunters and her mother took her ashore to live with her father in -insert fictional country here- and found out she was a princess. As soon as she was in the care of her father, her mother left.
She was taught all she needed about being a good queen and came to forget about being a selkie. On the night of her 16th birthday, she came across a noble woman wearing the skin of her mother, whom she now presumes dead. She became very interested in finding out more about creatures and persons of a supernatural nature. Her research brought her information about Spirit High and she is ecstatic. Using her daddy's "connections" she starts the new school year.

Anya's mother wasn't a pure breed selkie, her father (Anya's grandfather) was a part of a group of shifting sorcerers called Finfolk, who though in touch with nature, harnessed its power to wage war on humanity. Because she isn't even half breed, her power is very weak, except on full moons.

Because of strict upbringing, she seems very formal and confident, but is only able to maintain this facade because of her "need" to be perfect imposed by her father. She is very fragile inside and lets very few things bug her but when something worms its way in, she goes crazy.

She is currently looking for a boyfriend to keep her dad, happy for the time being.


Milo: Anya finds Milo a refreshing change from the brown-nosers she was used to. He is nice enough with out being dishonest and she admires his devotion to his studies.

Kida: Anya met her the first day and thinks of her as one of her best buds. They share a strong spiritual connection with water and have bonded over that.

Madeline: A newer friend that she met through Milo. Admires her dedication to the things and people she loves.

Flynn aka Foxy: Also a mutrual friend of Milo's. Wants to become better friends with him.

Jim: Seen him around, he's cool.

Terk: Her school apointed bodygurad. Anya hopes that they can be good friends.


Eric: Hey he's the hot teacher.

Helga: Sexy teacher.

Tzipporha: Damn she's fine.

Phoebus: She has no words for how fine he is. Not that she would ever say anything.


Demona: Anya is peeved that she acts like she owns people and won't back down no matter what.

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